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As SEADRIF member countries design and implement financial protection programs for their public assets, there will be an increasing need for technical support. The SEADRIF Technical Service Support Program (TSSP) has brought together a network of experts specialized in a broad range of domains, who have experience orchestrating sophisticated public assets protection programs across Asia.
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Andy Barlett

Over the last Twenty-five years, Andy has developed his career in both multi-disciplinary consulting engineering and Local Government to a key position as a trusted infrastructure design engineer and Asset Management professional.

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Djoko Trenggono

Djoko is a practicing lawyer and insurance consultant. He started his career in the general insurance industry 35 years ago. Since November 2019, he has been an advisor for Disaster Risk Finance & Insurance Program (DRFIP) of the World Bank in Indonesia.

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Fransiskus Asisi Wiyono

Over 38 years experience in the insurance world. Frans acts as a Consultant, Senior Insurance Specialist at World Bank in relation for G to G and International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank in relation for B to B activities since 2011.

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Greg Fowler

Greg has over 30 years’ experience in the risk financing industry. As an insurance broker and risk consultant, he has guided a diverse range of clients in Washington DC, Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand (NZ).

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Ric Thomas

Ric is a recognized investment leader with over 30 years of experience. His area of expertise include asset allocation design, optimization, stress testing, scenario analysis, and analyzing downside protection strategies.

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Rob Antich

Rob has twenty years of experience in the Australian Government includes senior executive roles at the Department of Finance, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and managing the Australian Government’s liability fund, Comcover.

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Sid Miller

Sid has extensive experience working across Public and Private Insurance, Health and Defence Sectors in strategy development and business transformation.

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Simon Sherriff

Simon has worked in the catastrophe modelling and exposure management domain for almost 25 years. Since July 2020 he has been a short-term contractor with the World Bank, focusing on disaster risk financing, public asset insurance and data management.

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Trevor Seymour Jones

Dr Trevor Seymour-Jones specialises in the management of built government assets as strategic organisational resources. He has 40 years’ experience in the management of built assets in corporate, consulting, and government sectors across Asia Pacific.

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