SEADRIF Insurance Company Published Annual Report 2023

June 6, 2024

The SEADRIF Insurance Company has published its Annual Report for the financial year 2023. The report offers an overview of the SEADRIF Insurance Company’s progress and outlines the company’s activities as of 31 December 2023.

“In my first year in office, I have observed the vast potential of SEADRIF. SEADRIF can transform the way natural disasters and climate risks are managed. At the ASEAN+3 Task Force meeting, engaged government leaders demonstrated growing political will and understanding of Disaster Risk Financing.

While the company has followed the four strategic priorities outlined in 2023, as highlighted in the report, to position ourselves for the growth trajectory, we strongly believe that to realize SEADRIF’s mission and ensure the company’s success, the ambition, enabling environment, strategy, resourcing, and operating model need to be aligned.

I am pleased to share the annual report with our stakeholders and welcome any discussion for us to collaborate effectively, to build an ASEAN region resilient to climate and disaster shocks”, said Dr. Yoshihiro Kawai, Board Chair, SEADRIF Insurance Company.

Please read the SEADRIF Insurance Company Annual Report 2023.

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