Protect the greatest home of all: Our countries

SEADRIF provides products to strengthen the financial resilience of people in the ASEAN region to climate and disaster shocks.
Explore the SEADRIF model in the infographic below and read about our programs and tools:

A platform for financial preparedness to disasters

SEADRIF Infographic 2020
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Parametric insurance pool

Efficient and timely payout following major disasters supports immediate post-disaster emergency relief, helping to mitigate the negative impact of disasters on economic activities and future fiscal costs. SEADRIF offers parametric insurance products tailored to the needs of its member countries.
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Public asset financial protection program

Effective financial risk management of public assets is key in protecting countries against climate and disaster risks. SEADRIF’s Public Asset Financial Protection program provides analytical, advisory, and financial services to support the development and implementation of comprehensive public asset financial protection strategies.
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Regional capacity building program

Supporting SEADRIF members to build the required capacity in their governments is a key step to creating sustainable and well executed financial protection strategies. SEADRIF is developing multi-year programs of targeted trainings, peer learning, and strategic knowledge exchange to equip relevant stakeholders with the knowledge and skill set to build financial resilience.
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Flood risk model & tool

At the core of the SEADRIF’s parametric insurance component sits the Flood Risk Monitoring Tool, which provides near real-time assessments of the magnitude of a flood and its potential impact. The tool combines various data sets to determine the severity of the event in terms of how likely it is to occur.

How the tool can help

The Flood Risk Monitoring Tool serves as the basis for the first insurance product and enables the SEADRIF Insurance Company to calculate if a payout has been triggered. The tool also serves as a public good to provide governments with rapid, reliable, and relevant information to make more informed decisions before, during, and in the aftermath of a flood.
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6 ways SEADRIF benefits participating countries

It provides rapid and predictable relief funding, reducing reliance on disruptive budget reallocations or dependence on uncertain humanitarian aid.
It creates a transparent, rules-based facility to provide disaster aid to participating countries, allowing governments to plan ahead.
It brings international support, including donor financing and technical assistance.
It enables improved access to international reinsurance and capital markets through regional risk pooling and a collective approach to markets.
It offers access to public goods such as a flood risk assessment model backed by state-of-the-art technology.
It builds regional leadership as a facility established and owned by ASEAN+3 countries.
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