SEADRIF Insurance Company welcomes Ellen Yong as Chief Operating and Financial Officer

December 14, 2023

Ellen brings a wealth of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry to the SEADRIF Insurance Company. She is a versatile actuary committed to addressing catastrophe risk financing, driven by her dedication to enhancing communities' resilience in the face of climate shocks.

With a comprehensive background in pricing and portfolio analysis, reserving and capital modeling, underwriting policies, claims handling policies, finance, insurance, and regulatory reporting, Ellen possesses a holistic understanding of actuarial operations.

In Ellen’s previous leadership position with Fidelis Insurance, Bermuda, she focused on understanding natural catastrophes and their relationship with climate change from a global perspective.

As Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Ellen will spearhead the development of internal infrastructure and systems crucial to supporting SEADRIF Insurance Company's strategic objectives. Her mandate includes upholding top standards in insurance management, financial and capital oversight, and governance encompassing risk, operations, regulatory compliance, and beyond. Ellen's pivotal role marks an instrumental phase in the growth trajectory of SEADRIF Insurance Company.

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