The SEADRIF Insurance Company participated at The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Meeting on Loss and Damage

September 20, 2023

[20 September 2023, 13:15-14:45, United Nations Headquarters, New York] United Nations Secretary General’s Special Meeting on Loss and Damage

At the United Nations Secretary-General’s special meeting on Loss and Damage, SEADRIF Insurance Company Executive Director Ms. Hien Anh Than joined leaders from Multilateral Development Banks, Bilateral Development Finance Institutions, Global Climate Funds, Insurance and Risk Financing Group, Private Sector and Foundations, Civil Society Group to share ideas on effective and innovative approaches for funding to address the loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change.

This special meeting gives a voice to “first movers and doers” to accelerate actions on adaptation and loss and damage for those who are at the front lines of the climate crisis. SEADRIF Insurance Company is honored to have been invited to participate in this influential event.

Ms. Hien Anh Than shared our perspective from the Insurance and Risk Financing Group. Ms. Than pointed out that Sovereign risk pools uniquely support effective climate and disaster risk finance by blending public and private capital to change the status quo of the slow progress of implementation. SEADRIF is established by vulnerable governments for vulnerable governments. All members share a common vision: to use finance to better protect our homes and people. Ms. Than called for support from all stakeholders to engage closely with risk pools as a core building block of the international financial architecture. Each stakeholder group can take a particular role to collaborate. “Together, we can bring this work to scale,” Ms. Than emphasized.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. And moderated by Ms. Rachel Kyte, Dean Emerita, The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

A summary of the discussion will be provided to the Ministerial Meeting on 22 September 2023 and to the Transitional Committee in preparation for COP28.

The meeting was broadcasted on UN WebTV. Click on the link to watch:

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